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Oops. I did it again.  As a Gen X guy, who is too humble to share, I have been reminded I’ve been selfish.  So, what do I have to share?  This year I had an article published in a dental journal about nitrous oxide.  I also lectured on that topic at the annual Academy of General Dentistry meeting in Las Vegas last week.  It is hot there.  No, 112 degrees is hot no matter how you look at the humidity.  I still feel a bit dehydrated actually.  No, I didn’t gamble and rarely get a lottery ticket, LOL!

I’ve been quite busy with my nine year old daughter’s activities. Elisabeth made her Nashville Opera debut in the spring with the Bizet’s Carmen.  She’ll be in the Roxy’s upcoming Wizard of Oz and the Nashville Opera’s fall production of Puccini’s Tosca.  My wife and I are so proud!

Alex continues to be a classic six year old boy as he loves Star Wars and Legos. He has my gift (or lack thereof) for music unlike his mother and sister.  It’s cool.  I was a lot like him at that age and I turned out rather normal-ish.

If you haven’t been in this year to see me professionally, then you have missed out on free Solar Eclipse glasses. Since February, we’ve handed out custom printed glasses for August 21.  We actually ran out as people would ask for extras (and I didn’t account for that) so we are onto the unprinted ones.  Hotels are booked and traffic is expected to be 3-4 times heavier that day.  Schools are out as well.  I’m proud to say we were the first ones in Clarksville to do something for this rare moment.  Truthfully, I got the idea when the family and I went to St. Louis last summer and we went to the Science Center there in Forest Park.  They told us about it and looked up home on the map to see we were indeed in the zone for the total eclipse.  I ordered the glasses from the same company they got theirs.


I am quite thankful for my team that I am blessed enough to work with! These ladies are all so talented and I truly enjoy their company.

I am thankful for the opportunities I get to help those in our area with dental treatment and life changing events. Recently, we helped guide a patient to a physician so that cancer could be diagnosed.  Another patient has gone into other types of therapy.  I feel quite humbled to have played a minor role in guiding their overall health.

I’m very thankful for the patients that desire to be here and allow us to serve them.

Life happens

Apologies for not blogging. Life happens when you make plans.

The orphanage in Haiti where we were has had some destruction to buildings but no loss of life. The kids are upset that the school has stopped as it is needed to house some of the other kids whose dorms lost their roofs.  Those kids recognize that education is the way out and are quite impressive scholars.

Here, I continue to be grateful for people who come to see me. I was quite humbled by one lady who had a tire issue but still managed to come an hour later.  That has never happened before that someone would still move heaven and earth to still come in!  The pics of the tire were quite scary on that blowout.  Thankfully, no one was hurt

We decided not to do a theme here at the office for Halloween. With various people being out over the month with vacation, fall break, sick time, etc. it was harder to coordinate an effort.  Of course, we will still be dressing up!

Things have been busy for me as I prepare some speaking engagements and exams. With all this prep, I’ve not been watching some TV shows I enjoy.  Temporary setback for a long term benefit, right?

Last week, evidently was Boss’s Day. I forgot, but my awesome team did not.  Often, I am busy at lunch with odds and ends or errands, so they were amazing in getting me gift cards to several restaurants so that I wouldn’t go hungry.  Guess they were watching Snickers commercials when they came up with that idea!  LOL



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