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History - St. Bethlehem Dental CareSt. Bethlehem Dental Care opened it’s doors in November 2004 as the first sedation dentistry in Clarksville with one doctor, one assistant, one hygienist, and three rooms. Since then we’ve almost doubled in size.

Sure, we offer all the services that other dentists offer in Clarksville, but we have something that sets us apart from the rest: who we are. When you walk in to St. Bethlehem Dental Care, you’re greeted with familiar faces from a staff that has worked here for years and years.

A dentist is a dentist and a hygienist is a hygienist, but what if you could have more than that? At St. Bethlehem Dental Care, you aren’t just our patients. You’re our family.

Dr. Anthony Carroccia served at Ft. Campbell for three years before opening his practice in Clarksville. He looked at the town and saw a need for sedation dentistry. Wanting to help the people of the city, Carroccia provided access to a comfortable environment for those too afraid of the dentist, so he could break the cycle of emergency dentistry.

Dr. Carroccia has been on the Best Dentist in Nashville list. He has also been awarded the Sedation Safety Dentist of the Year Award in 2009, the Lifelong and Learning Service Award, and is a Diplomat of the American Board for General Dentistry.

We strive for more than just a visit to the dentist. Our mission is to make your time with St. Bethlehem Dental Care one of comfort and ease, so you can leave our care with your perfect smile.


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