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Lectures & Courses

Dr. Anthony Carroccia has been lecturing since 2007.

He began by helping the Eighth District Dental Society of TN in training dental assistants. Later, in 2010, he started teaching state approved certification courses that still draws assistants and hygienists from all over the state. He has had each course peer reviewed to double check the accuracy and relevance. His passion is speaking on sedation. Currently, he chairs the TDA committee for Anesthesia, Sedation and Scope of Practice. He was dubbed “The Nitrous Guy” at the ADA 2015 meeting by the attendees of the course, a nick-name that has since stuck with him. While sedation may be the passion, it is not the only thing he likes to share information about as he’s well versed in other areas as well. He considers speaking in the Ether Dome (Boston) to first year Anesthesiology residents from Boston on the history of sedation there in Boston Medical Center to be one of his greatest honors.

Dr. Anthony Carroccia - The Nitrous Guy

Tennessee Approved and Peer Reviewed Certification Courses, AGD PACE Approved

  • Administration and Monitoring Nitrous Oxide-RDH
  • Monitoring Nitrous Oxide-RDA
  • Sealant Application-RDA
  • Coronal Polishing-RDA
  • Radiology-RDA

Past Courses

  • Cariology
  • Sedation in TN, A review
  • Oral Sedation
  • Nitrous oxide review, Is anything new? ADA 2015
  • Demystifying Dental Premedication’s
  • Nitrous Oxide: Boston Born to Today AGD 2016 (sponsored by Porter Instruments)
  • Nitrous Oxide Review-something old, many things new AGD 2017
  • Capnography and Nitrous Oxide: two great ideas coming together ADA 2017
  • Nitronomics
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Contemporary Sealants
  • Demystifying Antibiotic Premedications – ADHA 2021
  • Not Your Mama’s Sealants – ADHA 2021
  • Nitrous Oxide in the time of COVID – ADHA 2021
  • Other courses in development~Please ask!

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