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American Board of General Dentistry - St. Bethlehem Dental CareHow lucky am I?  I got to travel to Tampa to be an Examiner for the American Board of General Dentistry.  This was my second year serving in such a capacity.  It is so great to be a part of a dental organization that truly sets a standard for general dentists like no other.  I helped give oral examinations (question and answer) in the discipline of Pediatric Dentistry/Orthodontics/Public Health to the candidates.  Some were exceptional, most passed, and only a few needed to try again next year.  I got to touch base again with lots of great friends I rarely see (Eric, Dan, Tom, Sandra, Jon, Randy, Will, Jack, Terry, etc.) and make new friends with Ross, Farid, Jared, etc.  Lots of camaraderie and sharing stories with great soldiers, sailors and airmen who serve and are dentists.  Sometimes, I miss that aspect of the military practice… and the days off!

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