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Apologies for not blogging. Life happens when you make plans.

The orphanage in Haiti where we were has had some destruction to buildings but no loss of life. The kids are upset that the school has stopped as it is needed to house some of the other kids whose dorms lost their roofs.  Those kids recognize that education is the way out and are quite impressive scholars.

Here, I continue to be grateful for people who come to see me. I was quite humbled by one lady who had a tire issue but still managed to come an hour later.  That has never happened before that someone would still move heaven and earth to still come in!  The pics of the tire were quite scary on that blowout.  Thankfully, no one was hurt

We decided not to do a theme here at the office for Halloween. With various people being out over the month with vacation, fall break, sick time, etc. it was harder to coordinate an effort.  Of course, we will still be dressing up!

Things have been busy for me as I prepare some speaking engagements and exams. With all this prep, I’ve not been watching some TV shows I enjoy.  Temporary setback for a long term benefit, right?

Last week, evidently was Boss’s Day. I forgot, but my awesome team did not.  Often, I am busy at lunch with odds and ends or errands, so they were amazing in getting me gift cards to several restaurants so that I wouldn’t go hungry.  Guess they were watching Snickers commercials when they came up with that idea!  LOL

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