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Patriot Day. I remember where I was 16 years.  I was an active duty Captain of the Dental Corps at Ft. Campbell.  I arrived that morning later than usual as I skipped PT that day since I played hockey the night before.  Was listening to what had happened as I drove in as they music was interrupted to tell us about the breaking news.  I got into Kuhn-LaPointe Clinic in time to see the second plane hit.  A crusty old Colonel said, “Looks like we’re under attack,” and walked off to our wide mouthed astonishment.  Later that day, I was in charge of the dental clinic as all the Colonels went to a meeting.  I was under orders to not out-process anyone.  A Special Forces soldier later came in and he was oblivious to the day’s events as he was going about post getting his signatures and stamps to Exit The Service.  Until he came to see me.  I had to inform him that I could not process him and that he had to return to his unit.  He colorfully asked to see who was in charge.  I told him that it was me and I had to order him to return to his unit.  I’ll never forget that, and then working long late hours getting that unit ready to depart in very short order.  I often wondered what became of him as I never saw him again and never knew if he was stop-lossed & deployed, got out, etc.

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