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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Used to treat cavities, repair cracked, broken, or worn down teeth, fillings are the best option to get rid of the decayed or imperfect portions of your teeth. We offer tooth-colored fillings to fix your problems while keeping your smile looking the same. No more being called metal mouth for you. Tooth-colored fillings are closely matched to the shade and color of your existing teeth.

Other advantages of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Bonding to tooth structure – tooth-colored fillings are chemically bonded to the tooth structure for more support
  • Versatility – tooth-colored fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken, or worn down teeth instead of being limited as a filling material for decay
  • Tooth-sparing – during preparation, less tooth structure is removed compared with amalgam fillings

To fill a tooth, we will numb the area around the tooth that needs to be filled. After the decayed area is removed, we will clean the cavity of bacteria and then begin applying the tooth-colored filling in layers. A special light hardens each layer and then we will shape the material to your desired look. After that, it’s just a quick trim and polish away from your newly filled in, natural looking tooth.

To maintain fillings, follow good oral care while visiting regularly for cleanings.

If you prefer your fillings to look more natural, then tooth-colored fillings are the right choice for you and St. Bethlehem Dental Care can make that happen.


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