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Dr. Anthony Carroccia - St. Bethlehem Dental CareHold on. A dentist is going to blog.

What does one blog about? I asked myself this. So, I looked up the definition first to see it was an abbreviation for weblog.

I must confess that I never really journaled or did a diary in the past. This will be new to me as much as it is to you to read it. I welcome questions that you need answered!

I think in order to do this well (and I could be wrong about that) I need to tell you about me more and more each time so that you can get a sense of who I am and what I’m passionate about. I’m sure over time I may rave about things and rant about other stuff as well. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here, so be kind as I am one of those people who don’t even have a Facebook account personally.

How did I get into dentistry? That’s a question worth the story.

I attended St. Louis University for my undergraduate degrees (B.A. in both Biology and History in four years!) and was well on my way to medical school there: grades, MCAT, etc. The summer before I was to begin med school, my mom had a dental procedure and was sedated for it. I was her driver. The dentist was well aware of me as my mom, like most others, bragged on me a lot. As she was being wheeled out, he congratulated me and asked if I had considered dental school. I said not really since I was in the med school program (at that time, dental school was sometimes a second choice if one could not get into med schools). He said he thought I’d be a great dentist and should consider it. I said it was all done and I was months away from beginning. He said he’d pay for me to take the DAT (a test to see the aptitude for dentistry). My mom rouses from her twilight to accept the offer. I took the test and thought nothing of it until the results came in. I did really well! I put off med school for a year and accepted enrollment the next year to work and hang out with my dentist seeing if it was for me. I fell in love. I told the dean at SLU that I wasn’t coming and that I was going to dental school instead and he was quite perplexed as no one had ever done that before and that SLU doesn’t have a dental school. I’ve never regretted the decision a day in my life!

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