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It is always tough to part company with people you have come to know and love. It can be ugly or quite seamless.  Within a month’s time, I have had three ladies I have had the pleasure to work with leave my office.  That is a high number however, it has all been for the right reasons.

Kylee had been with me about two years as both a dental assistant as well as a receptionist. Her great smile and easy way with people will be missed.  She has left to go to cosmetology school and I know that with those people skills, she will do quite well as she often did interesting things with her own tresses.

Savannah had been with me less than a year. She is someone who was brand new to dentistry that we had to essentially teach from the ground up.  What started out as me training her developed into us keeping her.  Under me and with Amy’s practical instruction, she became a registered dental assistant, obtained several certifications.  She performed quite capably at the front desk as well.  Her fiancée lives in middle Kentucky.  When she came back one weekend with a rock, we all knew it was a matter of when.  She leaves us to further plan the nuptials and with a job opportunity that presented itself much closer to where she’ll live as a married woman.  She remarked that she didn’t realize how much she learned until we were looking for her replacement as several with more time in dentistry were not as knowledgeable.

Moira had been with me about six years as a registered dental hygienist. She was quite meticulous.  She loved to upkeep her instruments, loupes and light.  She may have had one of the strongest thirsts for knowledge I’ve seen in a hygienist.  She was truly family as to be expected after that long.  Many birthdays and holidays were celebrated and even a move that was done in the middle of summer where most of the team here showed up to help her.  I was so proud to work with such a crew that would give up a weekend to sweat it out over the summer to help a friend and co-worker!  Moira also advanced her knowledge, even teaching yoga classes, which many of us went to – including me as I need help keeping flexible for sports.  She left to return to her native fatherland, Germany, to help take care of her aging mother.  It doesn’t get any more noble or selfless than that!

“Fare thee well” it used to be said as people left each other with the sincerest hopes the other person would fare well in all their personal and professional endeavors. It is so much easier than saying “goodbye” as it seems too final.  The world is a better, more interesting place with all of them in it and all the lives they touch.

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