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I got some great news yesterday!

I will be speaking again on a national stage on the topic of nitrous oxide. I spoke last year at the American Dental Association annual meeting in Washington, DC last November. Next month, I’ll be in Boston to speak to the Academy of General Dentistry on that same topic.

Nitrous Oxide Lecture - St. Bethlehem Dental CareI always like to get my lectures and presentations peer reviewed. Many people don’t but I feel that if I’m given a stage to present any topic, I should be as good as the most recognized authorities. The great news is that I had my lecture peer reviewed by one of the authors of “The Handbook for Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation,” who said she was “invigorated by the presentation” and called it a “fabulous nitrous oxide lecture!” You couldn’t see me, but I could feel my face flush. I could think of no higher compliment from such a highly regarded clinician. Then, I was told by a person who works for a dental supply company that I am a “key opinion leader.” Me? When did that happen? I’m just a guy who shows up and tries hard.

To all, I humbly say, “thank you.” I can only hope the attendees at the AGD annual meeting are likewise impressed. I’ll keep you posted…

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